All you guys with your amazing customs have motivated me to revive one I started a long time ago, this formerly Miss Piggy ‘59 Chevy. I tried to age the bare body for a long time to see what would happen, leaving it outside in bare metal for over a month only blocks from the ocean, then putting it in a saltwater bath for days, and this is all I got. It did develop a kind of cool rainbow coloration down the sides. It’s since been sitting on my desk for months until I finally did the wheel swap today.

Not sure what I’ll do with paint just yet, but I’ll probably blast the top again and start over. I think I’ll be throwing in a big engine up front because I have a couple of good options from fantasy casts. It has the Real Rider rear wheels from an Altered Ego, and the Mainline drag skinny fronts from a Mid Mill, both of which are also among the possible engine donors. Anyway, this is how it sits now, though it’s not screwed together and the axles aren’t secured so the gaps are a little funny. I’m looking forward to “finishing” it, to the extent that any custom is ever really finished. Have a great and hopefully long weekend everyone!