As a few of you know I’ve been working at a Toys r us during the liquidation/store closing and yesterday I found a hidden “treasure”

This Greenlight Weekend workshop STP garage was hidden under the bottom shelf in a non Diecast aisle. I just happened to notice the shelf was sticking up and not wanting any one to hit it I fixed it but not before pulling it up so see that. It had been some time since the store had gotten any of the garages so it might have her sitting around since December or January. Thanks to the clearance sales of 50% off of Diecast it was 12 bucks so you know I bought it! This now makes 3 of the STP garages I own 1 green machine, 1 I use for photos with my own added touch, and now this one. Also the number sequence was pretty cool on it

Looks like if I get the time during my break or whenever I can I need to check other spots who knows what other things are hidden beside trash and mouse droppings lol.