Big things with little cars

'Nother Walmart find...

So I showed up around 11:30 pm to a Walmart (not near my home) Thursday night and was lucky enough to come across an unopened box of M2's. The guys stocking the shelves allowed me to peak inside and what a surprise!

Had to to grab the ‘56 Chevy 50th ed. Favs as well.

Was hoping to find this VW version of this Coca Cola series and sure enough, found it. There were actually two in the box...I took one so others could enjoy as well. Funny thing is, I went back today and the other bus was still on the pegs along with all the other Coca Cola series M2's. Could it be the same one that I saw Thursday night or was this a completely new case hung on the pegs?

Regular boxed M2's are $5.47...these Coke liveries are $8.97!

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