Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

NPoCP: For anyone crazy enough to attempt it...

A member on the forums is selling their:

Pocher Ferrari Testarossa 1/8 scale kit with extras for $1,550.50(!!!) CAD ($1,200 USD)

This is an amazing, unbuilt kit of the Ferrari Testarossa. For those that know Pocher, you know how incredible and rare these kits are. If you don’t know Pocher, they have not produced these kits in decades so what ever is on the market now is all there is. These can be built to an amazing standard of detail. To give you an impression of how impressive this model is, the steel body alone weighs over 8 lbs!

There are optional “transkits” available. These were not made by Pocher, but made by serious modellers to allow builders to add additional detail to their kits. These were generally made in very low numbers.

This kit comes complete with 2 transkits, an interior one and an engine one.

The interior transkit has felt padding for the headliner, scale carpeting for the floors, real leather for the interior (yes, real leather), and even Ferrari logo floor mats.

The engine transkit has several hundred parts to allow super-detailing of the 12 cylinder engine.

This kit also comes with a publication with “101 Tips” on how to build the kit for the ultimate in realism. Also included are color pictures and even a CD with hundreds of pictures of completed Testarossa models to use as a guide, and even pictures of real Testarossa’s taken apart so you can see all the detail.

The box does have some damage on it and the body does have a chip in the paint on the right front fender lip. Most serious builders strip the “factory” paint and repaint it themselves to get a better quality finish.

This is not a cheap model, but it is an amazing collector’s item. Many people buy these when they come on the market just to admire them without ever putting them together. Check out the pictures to see the amazing level of detail.

These do not come on the market often. As of this posting I could not find any currently for sale.

I would really prefer that this is picked up (anywhere in the Toronto/Mississauga area) as shipping will likely be costly.


Would you be willing to take on such an expensive challenge for a supposedly-rare model kit? You could buy a beater Miata, race car, and/or demo-derby car for the same price.

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