After having the NSX with me for a little bit, I decided it was time to do some minor customizing.(full discretion: I am not a wizard at customizing, also some of these are iPotato quality.)

I used my trusty silver Sharpie to outline the fog lights on the front, as well as a thin tip black sharpie to take care of the intakes, side vents, and “center caps.”

Now onto topic 2...

Some of us who prefer to carry useful tools on us have what we like to call an EDC, which is short for Every Day Carry.


I’ve been looking to have a 1:64th(ish) scale car be my unique feature or piece I want to make famous by bringing it with me everywhere I go.

Here’s where you (yes, I’m talking to you!) get to decide what my EDC will be. Whichever of the following gets the most votes will be my EDC, if it’s a tie then I will have another post for you to decide between them.


Up first, the Caterham R500 Superlight. I’ve loved this cast since it came out, and want more variations of them!

Ferrari 599XX. Because racecar.


Porsche 993 GT2. Because racec- oh it appears I’ve made that joke already.

Porsche 917K. Because LeMans.


Morris Mini. How can you not love this thing? (Don’t say plastic base ;))

And of course, the NSX.

Whichever you decide on will most likely undergo customizing (we’ll see what I’m willing to attempt on it.)


Thanks everyone!