Here is my TLV HAWL for the month. I would have to say October was very good to me.

The month started off with a bang with a harder to find Tomicarama. This puts me one set away from having the full run. Now to find Bayside motors at a decent price.

Next up we have a nice mix of TLV. We have 3 toys club models and well as a tomica shop model with a few Neos mixed in. The Road Patrol Land Crusier and Crown wagon are my hands down favorites.


To round out the month I have 3 “The Japanese Car Era” models that ive been watching for a bit. The popped up on Japan Booster and a fair price and I snapped them up. The last pickup was the excellent Snake Motors livery Fairlady. It had eluded me for many months. The prices had been in the triple digits for a few months so I jumped when I got one around half that shipped.

I did pick up a few more but they are on the way from Japan now and will be showcased in a special event I have planned for next month.