Big things with little cars

I was inspired by the Motor Trend show Dirt Every Day, to build an off-road course for trucks and jeeps. Plus I really enjoy making a natural landscape with grass and dirt roads. So it’s a win-win for me.

I used plain project foam, bought at Lowes for ~$5 a piece. This foam isn’t toxic when melted, just smells horrible, :p. I used a grand total of 3 project foam boards, I think they are 2' X 2' X 1".

Day 1:

The foam I’m using.
Mock up of layers 1 and 2.
Mock up of layers 1 to 3.
Mock up of layers 1 to 4.
Layers 1 to 6, mocked up. And I trimmed layer 3.
Trimmed later 2, to make it seem not so flat and boxy.

Day 2:

Glue layers 2-4 together.
Made two ramps then quit after the fumes got to me.
Third ramp made.
Originally was going to make that flat piece on layer 2 a ramp, but decided to tweak the design to make it longer, :).
Last ramp added, now I have a full course. :D.
Added a tunnel because I really wanted one. This one should fit two cars.
Semi-final mock up design.

And that’s where I left off yesterday. I’m being a bit ambitious with this project, and I still have some more ideas rolling around in my head to add to this design. :)

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