Big things with little cars


OK, right, here’s the thing: from now until, uh, maybe December (?), Pilipinas Shell will be running a promo where one fuels up about the equivalent of US$10 worth of fuel (single or accumulated) and it gets that person a 1:43 Bburago car for $5 if you fuel regular or $3 if you go V-Power.


He/She can also get a big hauler toy or a choice of either the 2015 season F1 car or a badly-done FF (an FF? Really?) for $15.55 (Php800). The hauler’s a toddler toy and the other two are radio-controlled.

There’s also a convenience shop promo but their Assembly Kit selection is simply disappointing and shows just how bad May Cheong is handling Ferrari (couldn’t even update their selection).

Now, of course you know what I’m going for: the FXX-K, but besides the fact that, dude, it’s a friggin’ FXX-K, the real reason is that there are no driver moulds for the ‘16 F1 car featured and I don’t really like it all that much, even if admittedly I’d love to see my dad buy both so I can explore the possibilities of wheel-swapping the bad wheels on the FXX-K with the nice ones on the F1 car. Also if for some miracle I end up with an extra I’ll just send it away in exchange of a 1:64 FXX-K, the one I really want.

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