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Oh Nostalgia! Greenlight Car Town Taco Truck

A pleasant surprise find at one of the Antiques/Flea malls last weekend. This was the game that actually got me to hop on Facebook. Up until that point I didn’t really care to get caught up in the Social Networking hype. My social networking (then) consisted of commenting on Jalopnik. One day Jalop posted about this cool click-happy virtual car collecting game on FB and I went nuts. Played it pretty much every day and had a blast. It was silly fun. You could build your garage with so many cars from Car Town’s own to cars from popular movie franchises like F&F and Back to the Future. Race against other collectors and play all sorts of mini games. If you dug in deep you could make custom skins for your cars and upload them.

Sadly, the popularity of the game brought it down. The server load of SO many players incurred a cost that outweighed the revenue and CIE eventually had to shut the whole thing down. Much sads.

During the explosive popularity CIE signed with Greenlight to make collectible cars for retail. This partnership did not go very smooth. Greenlight was very slow to get these to the market and when they finally did there wasn’t much interest from retailers to carry them. I think the best they could do was sign a deal with PepBoys of all places to carry them. So, finding these cars was an absolute chore for dedicated players. I had never seen one outside of eBay until this past weekend. While the Taco Truck is not my favorite (yay beat up Pinto!) I still had to pick this up for a couple bucks because it brings back so many great memories of playing this game almost 10 years ago!


I had to dig pretty deep but I still have a couple pics in my facebook archives from around 2010. I enjoyed making custom skins for my cars. My Datsun Z and my warplane themed Charger were my most favorite cars to show off.


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