I’ve always been a fan of the old 1975 redline Monte Carlo Stocker and it’s simple design (well as simple as just re body a ford Torino but use the same base, Windows, and interior) and it’s tampos.

I’d always loved the tampos but just felt it was missing some thing. Well a few years ago after getting Forza 4 (Xbox 360) and getting use to the custom paint tools I set forth on fixing what was missing via the Monte Carlo SS stock car

I gave it what it was missing hood and rear fender decals. I did change a few things up like the number from 38 to 84 my birth year. I was also useing a Dale Sr. Inspired paint job prire to doing this so that’s why it has Goodwrench service tampos as well.


Now fast forward again to Forza 6(Xbox one) and the new NASCAR expansion it was time to bring back the classic design with a few more updates


Same basic idea but with a few changes. Now just a stand alone Chevrolet sponsor on the hood and rear fender with plain ol Chevorlet Racing. Also changed how the number style looked on it and kept the box design for the roof. I’m still adding and rearranging the logos on it might need to add a LaLd logo on it some place.