BMW has “M.” Mercedes has AMG. And Audi has “S.” But if that isn’t enough for you, then you get an “RS”, which is the top-dawg in Audi’s performance lineup. This RS6 Avant is based on the C7 A6 Avant, which was introduced in 2011. However, the RS6 had to wait until 2013, where it was introduced to the world at the Detroit Auto Show. Detroit. As in Michigan. As in the United States. As in a market in which Audi doesn’t even sell the standard A6 Avant. Whatever.

Whatever just about sums up my feelings for this model. AUTOart caught some deserved flack around these parts a few weeks ago for their composite models, but they aren’t alone in figuring out ways to sell less for more. Minichamps still gives us good ol diecast, but their corner has aggrieved me more than any plastic model. For the lofty sum of $129 or so when it was introduced back in 2013-ish you got a “premium” model that featured no carpet, fake grilles, no headliner, and worst yet, sealed rear doors. What is this? A Maisto?


Actually Maisto wishes their products look this good. The paint is flawless, but that might be more due to the flat finish than to technique, and the panel gaps, where they exist, are nice and tight. The wheels are very well done, if slightly oversized, but the scalloped rotors ( what’s that about anyway, Audi?) are obviously plastic. The Audi badge on the tailgate is a foil decal, but all other badging and the license plates are pad printed. No photo etch for you! Under the hood though, you find a pretty convincing facsimile of the RS6’s twin turbo 4.0l V8. In the interior, you’ll find a decently detailed and molded dash, but between all the black plastic and lack of carpet, it still looks cheap.


And as I mentioned, this model isn’t exactly cheap at its MSRP. I paid about 75 for mine and there’s at least one on ebay for that price, but most are closer to list price. Why did I get it? I like big cars. I like German cars. I like station wagons. I call that a win, win, win. But honestly I only got it because it was on sale, and because the seller does flat rate shipping and I had already ordered 3 other models. Without either of those conditions, I probably wouldn’t have it still.


And for giggles, let’s dust of the old C d’M scoring.

Accuracy: 9

Fit and Finish: 8

Features: 3

Value: 4 (based on my $75 purchase price)

Rarity: 6

Total: 30/50