Big things with little cars

On The Bench...

I haven’t stopped trying, here’s a few WIPs.

I believe this is number nine, I’m guessing, because I lost track. I don’t even strip them anymore, until I get the basic work done...why waste stripper? I’m determined to finish an Outlaw ragtop, so I haven’t given up...yet. Paint is still my nemesis, and the more I re-strip and re-prep for paint, the more detail I lose. Good thing I have a few extras...


I’m trying to decide whether or not to make this a huge cloth sunroof, like an old VW Bus, or fill it in and make it a real hard top. Maybe white walls, but definitely some detailing will come.

Speaking of hard-tops, removable ones anybody?

I’ll be back when I have something finished to show, lurking until then...

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