This is one casting that I rarely seen available from any manufacturer. So when I chance upon seeing one on ebay I quickly put it on my watch list. It was difficult to get it at the right price so have put off purchasing it until one offered it as a buy it now or best offered. I gave the seller an offer and was accepted.

This model by First Gear is one of the best looking 1/25 scale Iā€™ve ever seen. Just look at the detail and features.

Movable steering
Chair even tilts and the backrest moves
Opening rear double doors


Info taken from the internet, the International Harvester Metro Van is a step van, also known as walk-in or multi-stop delivery truck. This vehicle type was one of the earlier, mass-produced forward control vehicles, once commonly used for milk or bakery delivery, as well as ambulance services, mobile offices, and radio transmitter vans. Typically, they were 1/2-, 3/4-, or 1-ton panel trucks that allowed the driver to stand or sit while driving the vehicle.


The Metro bodies were built by the Metropolitan Body Company on Grand Street in Bridgeport, Connecticut, a company that International Harvester would later purchase in 1948. Final assembly was then done in one of the IH manufacturing plants. The original design was by Raymond Loewy of Studebaker and Coke bottle fame.


As for the die cast, most of the body is made of metal except the interior and part of the chassis so this thing is a bit heavy.

This model also comes in different livery as well.