Big things with little cars

So I decided to make a few quick stops after work today to kill sometime before having to meet the wife. Stopped at TRU to see if they had put out anymore new Matchbox or stock from other stores. No luck but I did notice they were finally putting up they’re Going Out of Business signs and in typical NYC TRU fashion everything was marked down a meager 10%. Next stop was the Target near home to see if they got any new Matchbox (they’ve always been a good source for me for mainline MBX). Again no luck but I did notice a single peg with 3 Ford Transit Super Vans but none of the other Cargo Carriers. I grabbed two, left one and didn’t look back. Don’t know if they had the other casts from this set or if these were a fluke but I know they weren’t there the day before and Brickseeker shows no stock at any NYC Targets...strange.


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