In honor of the upcoming 1st Anniversary of Live and Let Diecast! I'm going to run some articles from the past year. Where better to start than with its history? -Jeff

This is Genesis!!!!

It all started with a Laguna Seca Blue BOSS 302 Mustang. Mycarneverruns87 was looking for one and we made a trade. The BOSS was sent out and Mycarneverruns87 sent me 4 cars. An exchange yes, though, I honestly don't think it was the first true HWEP mostly because we were actually ex co-workers and knew each other personally for a while. After that, me and Mycarneverruns87 had been thinking about starting a program where we could exchange HW through OPPO. There was interest at the time on OPPO for HW and some people were looking for specific models. Sn210 answered the call with this post after speaking to Mycarneverruns87?

I was looking for a Ferrari coupe in red. Sn-210 sent me the Ferrari and I sent him the blue E30 BMW M3.


Sn210, Mycarneverruns87, and I got in touch after the trade and thus, the HWEP was born!! Hopefully Sn210 could post post Part 2 of this historic event :] This as you may know continued to grow throughout OPPO. There was actually a complaint movement going on by some because of the vast HW post.

Sn, MCNR87, and I were thinking of making a blog when, like an angel from the heavens, we discovered Jeff Simmons and the original HWEP blog. The proficy was complete and the 4 horsemen were now 1 force ready to take on the HWEP and Die-cast related content.


We were very excited about the growth and soon added Frosted and Philipphilip as mods to help manage the show. Once we switched to Live and Let Die-cast, we were further blessed by all of YOU AWESOME LaLDers!! This hand to heart would never have been anything if it wasn't for you awesome people posting awesome content. Yes you!! *points at you* We are still a tiny force but we are dreaming big and fingers crossed that they come true. Unlike politicians and smug celebrities, we will never forget these times and you rad peeps. Keep being awesome and HAWL away!!!!


Yes, I did add the Challenge rear, darkened vents, and added sort of "escudos" to the fenders :] I dont know how to say escudos in english lol