Roses are Red. Violets are Blue. A Red VW should be cool, when posted on the 14th of Feb. Alas but I am late, therefore settled on the weekend.

On my 144th post is the Hot Wheels VW Kool Kombi under their Red Edition series that is a Target exclusive.

Thanks to MrAlbee for getting me this casting as our Target never had it or I was too late to procure it. This is my first Red Edition and my first Kool Kombi.


An interesting casting as this is a shorten version of the vintage VW panel bus, a customized delivery variant with an open tailgate and surfboards jutting out the back. There is also a huge exhaust pipe and two small stabilizer wheels on the rear of the vehicle. I remember seeing a post on one of our LaLD customizer doing one with an M2 VW panel casting.

Of course many of you already knew that this casting has been out since 2013 and has been issued with several different liveries.


I like this specific livery for its simplicity and even including a Mooneyes logo on it.

Picture borrowed from Lamleygroup

I’m not sure if this 1:1 was made after Hot Wheels came up with one or Mattel based it on an actual vehicle.


Oh look, it can even do piggyback ride on a T2 pickup, again by Hot Wheels.

So if you love the VW panel, do you find this casting cute or would you still prefer the stock version?