The 1968 “Custom Camaro” and “67 Camaro”

First released in 1968 as part of the Sweet 16 car manufactured in USA and Hong Kong from 68-69

It would get retooled to Heavy Chevy but the original casting would return in 1982 made in Hong Kong and Malaysia. In 1998 would see China tooling also making this one of the few casting to be made in all Mattel plants USA, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and China(doh forgot Thailand plastic body)


This is also the oldest/longest running casting in hot wheels history since 1995 there has been a 67 Camaro in the line up from T-hunts to convention cars and every thing between.


It also has a convertible re-tool and plastic body for the color shifters line

Interestingly the 2008 plastic body and in a short run in 2013 the car was given back its door lines and handles a feature not seen since 1968 Hong Kong casting.


This casting feature hasn’t been seen/used since not even in a convention or higher end RLC car has had it.