Ooooo Shiny! A Chrome Tomica Bug


Here’s my shiny beetle. A Tomica F20 beetle casting finished in chrome! I got this before the Internet was a thing so never knew what the companies mentioned on the box actually do. Turns out its a couple of Japanese hobby shops that are still trading today! Not bad. There is very little info on the companies, (in English) so I was pleased to find out anything, the fact that it’s hobby shops that are die cast specialists was a nice bonus.

I google translated the page from ZeroCraft, of note here is the last underlined section. It states that “aye aye ad company” is a sister store. Obviously ‘aye’ should be ‘I’ and ADO is changed to ‘ad’ but it has to be the other company on the box sticker.


The following is lifted from an old eBay listing from 2010;

“Tomica Volkswagen VW Beetle Model F-20 made in Japan. Model is chrome, white interior. I believe this is a special edition model to commemorate the Anniversary’s of II ADO company and Zero Craft Branch in Nagoya as shown by sticker on box. Model is an extremely rare hard to find and a g reat addition to your collection. Item is mint in box, box excellent.”

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