So I had picked this car up a few months back thinking, it’s a De Lorean, it’s black, and it’s got minimal but nicely done tampos.

I think I paid a dollar for it sans card and it was in good enough shape for keeping, displaying, etc.

It’s not my favorite 80's car, but it’s a great time machine. I remember when I would see them as a teenager, I would get excited because, let’s face it, they were pretty rare. I even saw one a guy had painted red back then. More proof to me that every car should have red as an option. :)


Anyway, this past week while I was updating computers at the school I work for, I came across a bin of diecasts that the teachers in the elementary special needs classes use with the kids. Being curious, I poked around a little and found some fun cars, most well played with. I then came across a silver De Lorean in the bin. I took it out, looked at it, and put it back in the bin. But a funny thing happened.

The rear louvres opened! I hadn’t realized until now that this was a thing, but it’s an entirely useless and still pretty cool feature.


It’s fun to discover these little hidden secrets when you have no idea they are there. To me, it makes this cast just that much better.

Sorry for the lazy pictures. Family drama is keeping me occupied lately and I didn’t feel like editing or properly lighting because I’m tired. But I had to share this.


Thanks for looking and happy discovering! :)