ORAT, Kowalski Style

Kowalski was at his log cabin most of the winter, so he found out about the early spring via a homing pigeon. Needless to say, he’s on his way back home across the lake before it totally thaws and across the river, hopefully... Before I post it on IG, I hope you enjoy! Who ever said diecast is an indoor hobby?;) ...and WHY am I so happy this is a Matchbox model?!

over the river and through the woods... oh, wrong song.
First things first: crossing the lake before it thaws completely.
Making that old British muscle WORK!
Don’t worry, Kowalski was going slow, here.
Just happy as a clam!:D
point man... or dog...
This thing is old, raw, and abused. Just like Kowalski.

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