I’ve not been super active here of late, although I have been lurking and giving stars, because it is summer, aka house project time. This past week I traded my wife and kids for my dad (they spent a couple days with at my parents’ house and my dad spent that time with me) and we tore out my kitchen ceiling. Much making of mess and plumbing of drains happened (the bathroom is above the kitchen and certain drain issues were a partial cause of the ceiling needing to be removed).

Today, however, was a quiet day around the house. My daughter is off to camp, so I was just left with the two boys who were quite happy to play with green army men and scraps of 2x4 for the entire afternoon. I was kind of puttering around, and decided it was time to run a doorbell wire. This involved venturing under the porch, where I have never been before. So I decided it was time to take my trusty GHE-O with.

After removing the board over the access hatch, the yawning portal awaits:

Just inside was a ghost walnut tree, which had been trying to grow with no real light to speak of. It had tiny colorless leaves:


Where do ghost walnuts come from? Why, they are what happens when a mummy squirrel buries a walnut:

Moving a little deeper into the cavern, we came across another gruesome sight:


Just past the dismembered leg, we discovered a bicycle chain and an oil can:

But it was time to take care of the doorbell wire which I’d already poked down there. We found it next to another doll leg:


No other doll parts were found. But we had low-level random encounter with a denizen of the dark:

Fortunately, the GHE-O has resistance to spiders and made its saving throw and the spider was easily defeated. Being a low-level creature, it did not drop any good loot, just a rusty tobacco tin:


Although we scoured the area for other loot, we found little of value:

Other adventurers may have come through in the distant past, as evidenced by ancient beer cans:


From the remnants of the beer cans, we spied a glimmer of light [EDIT: had a dupe of the previous picture in here before] [EDIT again: KINJAAAAA!]:

This image was lost some time after publication.

Moving toward the light, we passed through dead leaves blown in by the wind:


It appeared to be an exit that the GHE-O could navigate:

Although risky, we decided to split the party. The GHE-O continued through the exit and I returned the way we had come:


Fortunately, we were both able to exit the cave with no further trouble and we were reunited outside:

GHE-O was glad to put the dark cavern behind him: