Inspired by others stories of off road adventure, the Trail Hoppers started planning their spring adventures. Over the past couple weeks they’ve been frequenting the local parts store to tune everything up.

This is not an organized ‘club’ of any kind. Just a few friends that hang out and ride the trials, or anywhere their trucks will take them. Others they’ve met gave them the name ‘Trail Hoppers’ but here’s your change to meet each one.

Boss tends to lead the group, charging forward being the first into the wild in his bright orange paint. Not truly in charge of anyone here, just ready to lead when needed.

The blue one is scorch. Always tweaking something on the car, tapping into some wire here or there, he’s had an electrical fire or two in his time. We all keep fire extinguishers on had now, he has 2.


Sev just got his own wheels to bring out. The least experienced driver but he’s been out here with us riding along and knows how to fix things, which is good because it seems he’s always got some project going on either repairing or upgrading something. Even this pic is old and it was taken just last week.


All three trucks are ready to go, hopefully we can get some pics of the adventures this weekend.

See ya on the trails!


Hope you like the pics, as I said, hopefully I can get some weekend trail hoppin photos for next week.