FedEx just dropped off a big box from China. I got these from a dealer there because their prices are the cheapest, but the downside is that they take forever to get here!

Obviously this is the most anticipated one for obvious reasons. For those that don’t know, I was the captain of a first gen Midship-Runabout 2 Seater and absolutely loved it. I sadly no longer own it but a 2nd gen SW20 like what you see here is on the short list of next 1:1 toys.

I was also pumped that Otto did an E30 M3. I’ve never been fortunate enough to track down an AutoArt within my budget, so this gets one on the shelf. A red E30 is a very special car for me. I saw one at a rest stop on a road trip and it set off a decade long love affair with the brand. I actually ordered this one back in January, since it was a February release but the dealer said production delays were to blame.


Who am I to say no to an E34 M5? Not my first choice for wheels but Otto’s older e34 releases have skyrocketed in prices making them unobtainium.


So excited that I can pair the E30 with my new Norev e28, which is actually a sealed diecast model.

Oh yeah, and my M5 collection is growing too! Missing that e39 of course..... 😞


Now the Bimmer shelf looks even better!