Stop buying diecasts for a while.

My wife’s employer lost their biggest client (by far) a couple weeks ago. Nobody has been laid-off or anything, but suffice to say morale there is in the crapper and nobody is exactly feeling comfortable. The family budget has been super tight since we put a second kid in daycare (that costs more than our mortgage!), but I’ve still managed to find a way to buy diecasts. Now that we’re facing down the barrel of who the hell knows what, we have decided to put a stop on unnecessary purchases.

So, does that mean you won’t be seeing me as much around here? NO. FREAKING. WAY. There is no way I’m leaving the greatest place on the ultra-nets! I still have hundreds of diecasts I’ve never shown you, my new photo-studio to play with, and a big box of stuff to customize. I also have a fairly well stocked trade pile, so I can still participate in HWEPs. Honestly, I enjoy the trading more than the hauling anyways!

Added afterwards to avoid concerning you:
If my wife does lose her job, we’ll be fine. There are other things I can pick up for more cash at school, and I can do summer side jobs in construction. We’ll be able to pay our bills no matter what. We’ll be broke as a joke, but we shall survive! :)

Here’s one of my last purchases for a while, a Ford Falcon Sprint. I know the paint on these is super tough and hard to strip, but I think I’m going to have to try. This casting deserves a proper paint scheme!