Having not found much in the way of new stuff recently, I’m consoling myself by tracking down some older, more unusual castings. I picked this up from an eBay seller for less than a buck, and it’s in good nick for a release that’s almost two decades old...

Back in black

This is the Shadow Jet II from 1998's Techno-Bits series, all of which have a slightly Tron-like visual style.

Ready for the Grid

I like the tampos on this one; they’re pretty busy but they play into the whole concept of this being a “digital” vehicle from some computer world...

Downloading *@@ Success


...Although for a COVERT—TRANSPORT it’s not that secret-looking!

Overall, I think the “Stealth Fighter” styling is what draws me to this.



Designer Bruce Baur came up with this one in 1994, and I reckon he was clearly influenced by the F-117 Nighthawk. There have been 14 different editions, including ones themed for Christmas (!), Kung-Fu and a Color Shifter.

And while I’m compiling this post, there’s only one tune that could fit the mood...