Sorry LaLD, it’s only my fifth day/post on here and I’m already going rogue. Or rouge or rosso or red or however you want to put it.

So this is the only Ferrari Formula One in my collection. But I consider this the definitive piece of my first wave of diecast collecting before I took a few years off. I liked Lambos back then too but Ferrari. Scuderia Red. Formula One. Michael Schumacher. Enzo Ferrari. That was what really drew me into cars and diecast.

I just loved Ferrari and I loved F1 Racing. Oddly enough, I there’s only one Ferrari F1 in my collection. Maybe because I never found one as an affordable $1 mainline and this $20-30 1:24 scale was a special splurge for the occasion, likely a reward for good grades or something.

Seems like the paint or decals on the front are peeling off after all these years.


There’s also a small ring of distracting debris on the top of the packaging that I never removed since I never opened the package. No DLM plans for this guy.

Textured carbon fiber. By Hot Wheels indeed.


And here’s an old dusty Murci pull-back by Maisto from yesteryears for your forgiveness. Time for the troll to crawl back into his hole and for me to get back on good behavior again.

I have a gut feeling that this thing has 585 HP without even having to look it up