A couple of years back, I was on holiday in Italy, doing a two-centre trip to Rome and Sorrento - and everywhere I went, I kept seeing these:

Those of you used to wide open highways might think these little guys are funny-lookin’, but in the tight confines of the medieval city streets in mainland Europe, the compact smart fourtwo coupe fits in pretty well.

The design grew on me, especially after I saw some of the mad stunts the Smarts can do - wheelies, burnouts and stoppies with an overpowered engine beneath the hood. Case in point:

By the end of my trip to Italy, I’d become a fan, so I picked up this Maisto 1/33rd scale replica as a souvenir.


I have a friend over in Montreal who also drives one of these - a black on black version he nicknamed “the ninja”. Last time I visited, we took it for a spin on the icy roads (with emphasis on the “spin”!)

And I reckon if it’s good enough for these two guys, its good enough for anyone...

This post brought to you by Carpenter Brut’s dark synthwave opus Trilogy.