Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

Overdue HWEP Post

A couple weeks ago I agreed to a HWEP with MustangFan. We both mailed the packages and both were received in good order, but I’ve been lazy about getting around to taking a photo and posting about it. I had to take more photos tonight, so I took this one first.

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In exchange for the Shelbys that MustangFan has already posted, I received a Treasure Hunt Volkswagen Beetle, a 1998 First Editions Go Kart, and six, count ‘em, 6, Porsche 356 Outlaws. I only showed one so the photo would be larger.
I had had the VW TH in my collection previously, but sent it to a fellow VW collector, and friend, in The Netherlands, so this one’s here to stay.
The Go Kart is in answer to my request for some of these castings for the GF of another of my fellow VW collectors here in NY.
The Porsches will fall victim to the customizing knife, hopefully with good enough results to post here.
(I know my first custom 356 is taking like forever, but with every mistake made, I learn something else to not do again. And, I’ve learned a LOT! It will grace the internets soon though. I hope it will have been worth your wait...)

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