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Oversaturation - 1966 Chevrolet Corvette by M2

The red background is the cover of a book (Echo of the Boom - wouldn’t recommend it) and the white thing is the glass globe from a lamp.

Hello for the first time, everyone from LaLD! I’m IanZ, I’ve been on Oppo for about 7 months, and I’ve been lurking here almost as long. And this is my first post!

The dramatic reveal

The M2 Motors 1966 Corvette represents 1/3 of my entire collection: the other 2/3 being made up of a Hot Wheels Volkswagen SP2 and Cadillac Elmiraj.

On the back of the box M2 boasts that it’s made up of 44 individual pieces, and it shows. The detailing is fantastic. From the minuscule tampos to the tiny taillights to the thin chrome bumpers. And the only bits that feel fragile or delicate are the window inserts in the doors.


The doors are where we run into the only quality control problem, as the passenger side door is crooked. The doors are made of two parts: the hinge and the outer shell. I would assume they’re glued together or something, and they’re just not aligned correctly. As you can see it’s tilted forwards.


The driver’s side door fits perfectly, and I haven’t heard any other QC complaints, so I’ll knock it up as a fluke.


Here you can see how much of a gap the door leaves. The taillights are painted; the red ones over a layer of silver.


The pop-up headlights are my only other complaint: they’re plastic, and noticeably darker than the rest of the body. And since they don’t actually pop up, I don’t see the point of not molding them into the body.

In summary, it’s a very well made, finely detailed model with one (rather large) quality control error.


And this is my setup: a lamp, a bendy lamp, some books, and some paper. Not pictured is the iPad Mini 2 in my right hand.

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