The last thing a diecast collector should do is visit eBay in the middle of night. It’s simply too tempting. Pretty soon your bank account will read nil and you’ll be tripping over packages of diecasts, all while wondering why you felt the need to add to a collection that virtually fills the spare room already.

You know this. I know this. And yet...

My first Tomica diorama! I’ll be honest, the pics featured on @live_and_let_diecast have way exceeded my abilities as a photographer. I decided to look for something to add a little interest to my photos. I started searching for the Greenlight garages some of you have (my favorite being Philip’s with the LaLD sticker) but then I wandered into the dangerous “From International Sellers” section and found some incredibly cool dioramas. Of course they were too expensive and shipping from Asia is almost never cheap so I reluctantly gave up on them. However, I did notice this Tomica gas station from a seller who also happened to have a few other items I’ve had on my wish list for awhile. One was a Tomica 370Z in gunmetal that was a perfect copy of my real life car. The other diecasts were from new to the 1:64 scale businesses. I had long been curious about them, but since their distribution was almost entirely within Asia, had resigned myself to waiting.

But now there was COMBINED SHIPPING!!

After 3 or 4 weeks they arrived. Here’s my test shots after setting up the station:


The first shot had to include the LaLDatsun, of course!

I tried to include as many manufacturers as possible. A JL XKR in the front, a black F-Type coupe from MBX, and another F-Type by Majorette in the background.


An XJ220 by Hot Wheels goes through the car wash (Is this not the perfect Radcast candidate?)


I was surprised how much I liked the Auto World models on this set. Nothing functional on this model, but looks great!

The other brand that impressed was Johnny Lightning, specifically this Classic Gold International


An M2 at the pumps, and a Tomica Mazda3 in the background.


A couple more M2s

And finally, even the Grateful Dead bus needs to re-fuel sometimes!

I can’t wait to comparison test the other items that shipped together. Here’s a preview:


The brand new Mini GT!

And I love the color of this Tarmac Works AMG GT. How will it fair against a Majorette and a Hot Wheel of the same car??


Obviously, these overseas eBay scores are not something you can do all the time but they’re pretty sweet when everything comes together!

Thanks for reading and being a member of this blog. :)