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Big things with little cars

P.S.A. Virus Alert Scam...UpDated w/screenshot

There is a scam going around that opens a window in your browser, declares you have some Zeus virus, a voice over warns they will freeze your computer if you don’t fix it and it wants you to call a number.
BTW, they say they ARE Microsoft and they’ll walk you through the virus removal...meanwhile they are stealing your info and installing more malware.
I’ve seen this on my laptop, but not the chrome book.
There are several sites, found in google, that actually WILL help you get rid of the malware that’s on your computer and running the show.
The virus, as is, is not harmful, you don’t really have to do anything with it, if you don’t mind dealing with it every time it pops up...
Just Don’t Call The Number!

I’m having my laptop “cleaned” by one of these sites as I write this on the CB, or I’d have included a screen shot I took of the pop up window/warning. As soon as it’s free, I’ll post it to this thread.


Be careful out there...

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Looks pretty good to most people, I’m sure. But, check out the URL...
I hope you don’t have to deal with it, it’s easy enough to get rid of it, but it’s better if you don’t even have it to begin with.

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