Hey all, I just had a couple questions, because Im starting my first couple painted customs.

I was painting the Veneno from my last post, but I have an issue. Im trying to accent the diffuser with yellow paint, and the problem i keep running into is the paint just runs. I have not watered the paint down at all, but I can’t get a solid color.

Another question I have- should I add detail before or after the clearcoat?

I like the idea of doing it after the clear coat, because then I can wipe the paint off if I make a mistake, but I don’t want it to look amateur, especially since I think my Veneno has a lot of potential to be awesome looking.

And finally, with the paint running issue, how should I add details such as lights and such? I have the issue of it either running, or being too faint, and I have to add an absurd amount of paint to get it to come through.

Finally, do you guys make sure a stripe is centered? I wanted to add a stripe to a different project, but I don’t know how to make sure its centered. And I have an Avendator in the works I plan on having the italian tricolor running down the center, which will require alot of work. So any advice would be appeciated