Something about coming home from any doctor appointment seems to agree with me, which is too bad. My plan is to not have too many going forward...

Playart Lamborghini Countach. I have a hard time leaving behind cars with working features, like the opening doors on this diamond in the rough.

The doors really do open, but they won’t stay open. Anyone looking for a Lambo project...?

I couldn’t resist this one, I had to give up a quarter for a rare and hard to find Hot Wheels Ford J Car White Lightning! Bet you didn’t know these existed...!

Anyone want a Redline project?


Patience paid off, I finally found the ‘47, at a walmart:

And a Porsche, which I believe was left behind due to the not-quite-straight Gulf Tampos. No matter, I’ll strip this one, even though it’s the first.


And, the white VW Kafer Racer...


Plus, two new crowns! (no photo...)