Big things with little cars

Chases in the Wild!

Lately my chase finds have come in doubles. Below are my finds for today, along with some standard cars from the same sets that I couldn’t pass up.

First up is a nice White Lightning ‘64 Falcon Delivery from JL’s The Spoilers series (my second WL find from The Spoilers).


Next is my first M2 chase ever, a weathered 1960 Chrysler 300F from their Mopar Garage series.

Next up is a nice Corvette from the JL Surf Rods series


Here’s another M2 from Mopar Garage that I couldn’t leave behind. Probably my favorite find of the day.


Finally, just last night I was commenting to a couple LaLDers that I wanted to find this particular Johnny Lightning Ford GT in black on black, and


Thanks for looking and happy hunting!

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