Persistence Pays Off! [HAWL]

Two weeks ago I promised NavyEagleEye86 a Crunch-y Custom Convoy. My original plan didn’t pan out, but I hunted night and day to come through on my side of the deal.

Old and new, but the star of this haul is the Convoy Custom to complete the set:


Still being fairly new to avid collecting, when I saw this model a couple weeks ago, I didn’t think anything of it. Most of the pop culture sets tend to be peg-warmers from my observations. Boy, was I wrong... They were all gone, but I was still able to get a great hawl out of it:

Shameless self-promotion. So after striking out there, I was determined to come through. My local Walmart aisles were littered with new stock and the pegs were up for HW Pop Culture. I saw a dirty word digging through the boxes one night and watched from afar. He was nice enough to hang the new HW Entertainment series, but not before snatching all of the Ecto-1's.




I’ve heard of scalpers, but never seen one in action. It made me sick to my stomach. I checked back almost daily and wanted to pull them the right way. In the mean time, I found an Easter display at Kroger with at least 3 of every model except the Convoy. “You’ve got to kidding me...”


Last night, I made my final stop and couldn’t believe it. Fresh pegs, FINALLY!

Trades are a key feature of LaLD, and I’m still what I call a “trade virgin.” I’m more excited than I should be to receive used toys in the mail. HWEP!!!


I guess it’s so popular because a casting this big will never appear in the mainline. I thought it looked a little silly with a missing rear axle, but it’s grown on me over the hunt.


The Rebel Machine is my first Johnny Lightning, and it’s great to see another brand on the pegs. I don’t typically collect classic muscle, but the name, graphics, casting made for a nice combination.


Some Kroger dump bin cars. I’d passed on the passed on RX-7, but I’m a big Mazda fan and think this is a great looking racer. At this point, I hadn’t found the Convoy, so I had given up on getting one through the trade, but now I’ll have two!

My uncle loved his CRX, and I think this model is simple and timeless. I don’t care much for the flares on the the new ‘85 CRX model.


The Audaciuous looks like a Protege5, and I jumped on this ‘13 model when I saw it in the bin because I never thought I’d get it. Now two shots to make it look like my 1:1!

The M5 Police will be travelling with me to Germany in search of its 1:1

New Nascar is back on the shelves, and I had to get another Rainbow car. Naturally, I’m pulling for the #24 again this year, but Chase’s classic #25 scheme from the Darlington throwback matches his dad’s Coors car from back in the day. Good to see Napa back in the Sprint series as well.


I already had the black interior car after attending the Bristol race last year. It came from and cost about $9. The store version is $6 and nearly identical, with the most notable difference being the cream colored interior. Chassis number is different, but tampos are the same and both well done. Initially, I was disappointed that the hood wasn’t like the one that came with the Homestead car, but it will look nice on the fridge, no modification required.


Viva la LaLD!

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