Big things with little cars

Phase 1: clean garage. Phase 2: Phase 3: Find diecasts?

So I took the week off for a staycation to do some things with the family and take care of stuff at the house. I’ve been trying to find time to sort my garage for over 4 years now so can I get to my 1:1s, and thought these cars from my childhood and adolescence were lost in my many moves over the years. But lo and behold, under a bench and a bunch of other junk, I found them! Not a bad day in the garage.

Ok, not all diecast, there’s a couple of unbuilt kits. Those kits and the maisto Porsches may come up for trade.
Particularly happy to have found these!
An oddly proportioned Mustang that I painted a gold stripe on.
Franklin mint Tucker that I forgot I have, this’ll go with the blue Mint one I have in its display!
As I found the magic box, buried under other nonsense, not at all like I remembered it!
Found my 850! It’s a little worse for wear...

Now to continue the excavation...

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