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philiphilip's Top Ten Acquisitions of 2018 (#5 will shock you!)

Since we’re going all Buzzfeed on LaLD today, I had to take advantage of all that clickbait and get my 2018 top-10 in as well!

10. Porsche #1, Typ 356/1


It needed to be in my collection eventually, so why not now, when an excellent Minichamps-made 1:43 example with no acrylic cover could be had for cheap? The model was in excellent shape, so the Urporsche can now be crossed off my list.

9. Honda Pilot Elite

It’s my wife’s daily, and I bought the model for her to get her involved in my hobby a little bit, since she usually just rolls her eyes or gets mad when too man cars creep into the living room.

TSM makes amazing 1:43 models, and this dealer edition is no exception. Nate13 was gracious enough to help me acquire it for a great price and I’m forever thankful for that. Viva La LaLD!


8. Porsche 907


My quest to collect (at least) one of every type of Porsche racecar continued in 2018, and the 907 was a great addition. This Spark 1:43 was super cheap because of a supposed paint flaw, but I dont really see it, so score for me!

7. BMW Vision Next 100


Every theme week I try to buy at least one item for that theme to show something brand new to me. For this past ////May it was the insane BMW Vision Next 100, with it’s crazy morphing wheel arches. I was basically looking for a cheap-ish 1:43 BMW and no one was bidding on this one by IXO, so I jumped on it, waited it out, and she was mine! Came in a lovely black box and everything.

She now lives with resident concept car nut Sn210.

6. #5 Martini Porsche 911 Carrera RSR Turbo 2.1

This one caused me some serious frustration. Another one I acquired to show during a theme week (LaLD Rennsport Reunion), it almost didn’t make it. It’s a lovely and gorgeous TSM 1:43 that I got with Ebay’s 20% off coupon that also netted Sn210's white Veyron beast, it arrived with a missing wing mirror. I promptly returned it and waited a very agonizing week for its replacement to arrive. Thankfully it made it just in time for one of the last days of Rennsport week, so the day was saved!


Just look at that tail!!!

5. Porsche 550 Spyder


What’s shocking about a 100% Hot Wheels Porsche 550 Spyder in lovely red, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s the generosity of fellow LaLDers, chiefly among them Plasticprints. This RAOK was very surprising and I’m super thankful and in his debt.

The model is so cute and tiny! The engine is very nicely detailed under the opening decklid, and the wide five steelies are super well done!


4. Porsche 911 RSR (Sunoco)


I fell in love with this car during the 5th edition of Luftgekuhlt, the annual aircooled Porsche show put on by Porsche nut Patrick Long. My instagram feed was predictably (and pleasantly) flooded with all gens of aircooledness, but this Sunoco-blue RSR kept jumping out at me. So obviously when I spotted a Minichamps 1:43 on Ebay for a decent price along with one of Ebay’s many coupons, I snagged it.

The blue is mesmerizing, the ducktail is excellent, the details stupendous.

3. Porsche 935 Interscope #0

As you all probably know, every year for my birthday I treat myself to a 1:18 model, which is usually my only 1:18 purchase of the year. Just keep reading for the reason why I used the term “usually.”


This year the honor of that purchase fell to the TSM 1:18 Porsche 935 Interscope. It’s gorgeous and everything a 935 should be in 1:18 scale!


2. Porsche 911S


I love Porsches of all kinds, but there will always be something special about the ones that go everywhere, including off road. One great example is the 911S that ran in the 1969 Monte Carlo Rally and won!

Black Friday was too good to pass up on Replicarz, and paying less than half of what these 1:18 Spark models usually go for was therefore a no-brainer! I really didn’t plan on buying another 1:18 this year, but when the goal is open, you have to score!


1. Gijs van Lennep Signature


I have been incredibly fortunate this year with fellow LaLDers being awesome people, and this is the 3rd example on this top-ten list that involves another LaLDer.

I really wanted to make it to Rennsport Reunion this year but wasn’t able to make it happen, so I sent a few models to Enginerrrrrrr in the hopes that they would absorb some of the event’s magic so I could feel it too, and he stepped up waaaaaaaay beyond where I was expecting or where he should’ve gone and he’s another testament to LaLD’s greatness.


Along with some super cool swag from the event, he was able to have personal hero of mine, fellow Dutchman and racing legend (winner of the 1971 Le Mans 24H, for one) Gijs van Lennep sign my IXO 1:43 model of that 1971 Le Mans winner and it is now an heirloom.

Well, that was my list. It was fun to relive the year through diecast, and I can’t wait to see more of these on LaLD as we round out the year!

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