Here is my 2017 Top-10 acquisitions! I decided it would be more fun to pair purchases with trades, RAOKs, etc., and I’ll start off with one of the best RAOKs from 2017, and probably ever. Another is down later on the list, but this one is more recent, so it comes first. This list is in no particular order, just what I came up with scrolling through my year in Google Photos.

Happy final weeks of 2017, everyone!! Thanks for making LaLD the kick-ass place it is!

1. Johnny Lightning 1:64 International Scout II, an effing WHITE LIGHTNING!!

Are you kidding me??? A 1-of-25 per color White Lightning. The Bell King has really become my Scout importer, since this is the third one he’s hooked me up with. I have him to thank for the amazing dark red one, as well as the burnt orange variety. But this one, that came as a mystery package, no less, stands out for very good reason. Thanks, TBK, you rock big time!! 

2. IXO 1:43 1971 Le Mans-winning Martini Porsche 917


I got this one mostly to use as an example to apply the decals to the custom Hot Wheels version I was working on for Enginerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. But I got so much more out of it! It’s super detailed, much more than I expected from an IXO (For instance, check out the race number lights on the decklid!). It also came right in time for this year’s Le Mans 24 Heures so it became my watching buddy as well!

3. Universal Hobbies 1:18 Salzburg Porsche 917k


This one’s courtesy of Frosted, and it is amazing. He bought a quartet of UH 917s at a great price, and offered me to take one off his hands, so I had to obviously go for the OG red salzburg. It doesn’t open, but the detail is amazing nonetheless.

4. Hot Wheels Nick Mason McLaren F1 GTR


I offered my “best of decades” hot wheels McLaren F1 in exchange for a mystery F1 from a buddy on IG. I was about to strip and customize mine, so he offered me another donor body in exchange, since he was still missing the Best of decades one from his collection. I agreed, and when it arrived it turned out to be my grail HW version! It’s not mint, with plenty of play wear, but I don’t care at all. I detailed it up as best I could inside and out, threw on some new shoes, and now it sits proudly on my desk at work.

5. TSM 1:18 1995 Le Mans-winning McLaren GTR “Ueno Clinic”


My 2017 birthday present. What a car. Great back story, great race result, and TSM knocked it out of the park. It’ll be hard to top this with my future 2018 birthday present...

6. Tomica Premium Porsche 2.7RS


What’s not to love?? It’s my one and only Tomica Premium, and I couldn’t be happier.

7. Spark 1:43 Porsche 911 RSR “Porsche Intelligent Performance”


My first 1:43 Spark. And I see now why they are so pricey!

8. TLV 1967 Porsche 911 “50th Anniversary”


The second of the INSANE RAOKS I’ve gotten this year. Plasticprints, you are a madman and I love it. This car really shows I need more TLV in my life.

9. Withered Customz Hot Wheels purple Porsche 356 Outlaw


The purple is so gorgeous on this one. It sparkles, and the gold wheels are a great punch to the overal look.

10. IXO 1:43 Toyota TS010


This was my first acquisition of 2017, and I mostly got it because of Dutch racing driver Jan Lammers, and because I found it for a great price while searching for racing Porsches on ebay. Woot!