Big things with little cars

I’m not sure if this is an acceptable way to enter the photo contest, but here goes. My entry is a Johnny Lightning Cadillac hearse, the base is stamped 1999, so I presume that’s around when I bought it. I seem to remember it was one of a line of James Bond-related vehicles, from the movie “Diamonds are Forever”. They also had the Mach 1 from that movie as well. This was supposed to represent the hearse Wint and Kidd, the assassins, used at some point in the movie. I think at one point, the body had diamonds inside it? I don’t remember exactly.

At any rate, I wondered when I was much younger why there were never die casts of funeral cars. Especially after I discovered Harold and Maude, and wished for an E-Type hearse. I still am surprised no ones ever made one of those, at least I haven’t seen one. So when I saw this on the pegs, I grabbed it, solely for rare cast value.


The quality is very nice. The chrome trim is all painted, and the curtains in the back side windows are a separate piece, maybe part of the interior. The side marker lights are tampoed nicely.

You can see there is a little curtain in the back window as well. the landau roof is a great touch, as it is more matt than the paint job, so it looks good. The whitewalls rule. Not a big fan of the “hood scoop” or whatever that is on the hood, but I can overlook it. I have entertained the thought (wish) that Auto World might make one of these, but I doubt it.


Also, my shout-out to Warren Zevon, for the post title, and for making some awesome music throughout his life.


Happy Halloween, everybody!!

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