Boy was this list difficult to put together. After the initial list of favs was compiled, I quickly got it down to a baker’s dozen. A little thought and two more fall off. Then I stayed stuck at 11 for what seemed like forever, and even now I’m second guessing my selection. So let’s get at it before I change my mind. Not in the list but leading us off as my first model of 2018 is AUTOart’s Lexus LC500.

10. Sunstar Cadillac Deville Limo

This was a model I had wanted for quite some time. I missed out on it when new, and it seldom appeared on ebay. I finally got one and of course soon after that Sunstar re-released it. At least mine was cheaper.

9. Norev Mercedes 450 SEL


I’m a big Mercedes fan, so this one was a given. Plus I had a Matchbox one as a kid, so the nostalgia thing was at play too. Revell also made the 450, but ebay prices were beyond ridiculous. Still are, surprisingly.

8. CMC Porsche 901


As a fan of the 911, getting the daddy of them all 901 was also a given. The CMC wasn’t initially in the budget, and neither was the equally expensive sold-out AUTOart. But good things come to those who wait and whatnot, and I was able to get the CMC for less than half of what they’re normally priced at.

7. Kyosho Ferrari 308 GTS


I love just about all of Ferrari’s front-engined GT’s. The mid-engined sports cars though? Well that varies. But when I do like them, I especially like them in targa or GTS trim. Similarly to the 901 above, I would have been content with the “cheaper” Hot Wheels 308 GTS, but second-hand they cost as much as I paid for this Kyosho. So again, patience was the key to getting one.

6. BoS Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser


80’s GM B-body? Take my money. Note: I don’t have any “real” pics of my car, only some shots taken while I was thinking about a wheel swap. The Lambo Urus wheels fit perfectly, but will probably find a home elsewhere.

5. AUTOart Porsche 911 GT3 RS


I said I was a fan of the 911. And I proved it by getting not 1, not 2, but 3 of the 991 GT3 RS models. So much for my no dupes rule.

4. AUTOart Chevrolet Corvette C6.R


Besides 911s, I also love Corvettes. Despite that, my C6 collection was lacking when it came to the Z06 and C6.R. This one isn’t so much about patience as it is luck, as I had pretty much written off getting one.

3. Minichamps Bentley Brooklands


I love big luxury coupes, and you don’t get much bigger than a Brooklands. Plus it has an elegance to it’s design that I think the Phantom coupe lacks.

2. AUTOart Koenigsegg One:1


I don’t go crazy for super and hyper cars, and so when AUTOart first released their older Koenigsegg CCX models, I had no desire to get one. But with the Agera and Regera my attitude changed. I missed out on the Agera, but I made sure to hit up Model Citizen as soon as the One:1 was announced.

1. Keng Fai Audi RS7


The last one on the list was also the last one to arrive. I love my Euro luxury cars, and Audi’s A7 is one of my favorites. There has been another RS7 on the market for a few years now, but it was premium priced for what I didn’t think was a premium model. This RS7 from new-but-not-really-new manufacturer Keng Fai seems to match the other cars quality while significantly undercutting it on price. SOLD!