I threw in the 356 just because. Now lets get to that piggy. My dotted lines are a bit crappy, but the car had to be made.

I still need to put those middle side windows in, and finish painting the fenders and wing. The middle windows will be black, so I only painted the front of the interior.

I bought some 2mm Tamiya tape just for this car. Then I didn’t use it. lol. I feel like I got the pork partitions about right.


I’m still a bit amazed that I got the fenders lined up this good. The rooves (yeah I said it) made lining everything up pretty darn hard. Here’s an early on pic before the rear roof was cut off.

I only have one set of those mesh wheels in the first pic. The other side currently has a set of 4 spokes.


I honestly don’t like these 4 spokes. I can’t think of any vehicle they would look good on. Maybe a slammed Nissan X-Terra??? That would just be silly. Anyway... The seam on this side is a little less than perfect, so I might throw some mainlines over there and park it next to a wall.


It looks like my internet is acting up again. Lets see if this puppy will post.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program, The LaLD Engine Week.