I was on my way back to the office today and saw a garage sale advertising among other things, HW cars. By the time I got there the HW pickings were few but this little Gem was sitting there calling my name.

It's mfd by burago. This is the first 1/18 car I've had the pleasure to own (2.00) and I am quite impressed by the build quality and detail.

Nicely detailed engine compartment.

Nice front storage compartment


and a very inviting interior

Also the steering wheel turns the wheels.

I love everything about it except the color. Apparently when purchased new it had Winnie the Pooh graphics on it. The seller said when her husband bought it on ebay he removed the stickers immediately. I am thinking it might be a respray candidate.


As for the manufacturer, Burago, They appear to have a number of 1/24 and 1/18th offerings: http://www.carmodel.com/trademark/bura…

Anyone else have some Burago models hanging about?