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Pisghetti Sunday: A Winning Alfa

Presenting a couple of recent purchases from the ‘Bay: a set of 1/43 mechanics by True Scale Miniatures, and a 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2 by Metro.

I like the mechanics set if only because the figures are generic enough to use across a wide span of racing eras. And if I feel like detailing them for a specific team I can splash on some painted logos or stripes to customize them.


So this is a low-budget model of the TZ2, representing car #77 as driven by the Bianchi/Schultze team in their Sport division win in the 1966 1000km race at the Nurburgring. I plan on featuring this car on my soon-to-be-completed ‘Ring diorama, but for now this late afternoon paddock scene will have to suffice.

As a budget model, there are lots of stickered details, and the wheels are severely lacking in character, but the color is gorgeous and captures the Alfa-ness of the car.


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