I know, I know, it’s not die-cast. I do have a new die-cast to show, but for some reason, I wanted to share this on here first. This is from the semi-building toy line called Playmobil, and if this thing isn’t supposed to be based off a Lenco Bearcat, a common vehicle for SWAT and SWAT-like teams in the United States, I don’t know what it could be. It looks too similar to the Bearcat, in my opinion. They also have two Porsche sets, which is really neat: I’ll link to those at the end.


Back doors open:


Size comparison to a 1:24 GT-R from Jada. I feel the Playmobil vehicle is taller to fit the figures, but otherwise, it’s about 1:24 scale.

Here is a picture of the real Lenco Bearcat for comparison. I mentioned that many departments in the United States use this, but this picture, the first one that showed up on Google Images, is actually a Canadian police department’s Bearcat. Apparently, there are three departments in Canada who use the Bearcat, and Ottawa is one of them. Several Australian departments use em too.


Also, here are those two Porsche sets I mentioned:


I’ll get one of those Porsche sets eventually.....Anyway, hope you enjoyed this probably unusual post!