Big things with little cars

Polistil Alfa Romeo Alfetta Coupe (always read the auction description...) 1:43 scale ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In all my online auction hunting... I have only been able to score just 1 Polistil 1:64 scale car. A complete trainwreck Ford Capri that is taking me ages to restore back to decent condition. Vintage Polistil 1:64 cars are pretty scarce it seems. But, man, they really came out with some great cars.

So, imagine my excitement when I found 3 Polistil cars for a crazy buy it now price on the bay of eeeeees? Did I hold back my itchy mouse button finger? Nope! A few days later the package showed up in my mailbox. I tore through the packaging and pulled sweet diecast goodness from the packing material. But, all three were in 1:43 scale... D’oh!

Always. Read. The. Entire. Auction. Description.

This Alfa Romeo Alfetta Coupe is my favorite of the three. Really excellent proportions and details. Who knows, this might lure me back into the 1:43 scale again. My wallet really does not want that to happen though!


Enjoy the pics! Happy Monday and congrats to the New England Patriots. That was an insane game last night!


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