Big things with little cars

Polistil Fiat 125 (always read the auction description...) 1:43 scale ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Part 3 of my eBay Polistil HAWL. This charming little Fiat 125. This car also once had a roof rack that is long gone. Unike the Lancia, there are no pegs left in the roof. Just two small holes :( Overall, it’s in great condition and certainly a sweet little car. Reminds me of my Suzuki Swift that I had for a few years. Though I bet this car is even smaller than that.

Thanks for looking. That’s all the polistil cars I got in the lot.

Tune in soon and I will post about a mega lot of Yatming cars that I just scored for $2. woot!


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