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Poll Announcement

Wow, you guys love these polls! I actually didn't expect it to be such a hit, but it's understandable because lald is such a close-niche community. So if you like the should probably read this post, ;).

Right now, I aim to have the polls go live every Monday and Wednesday, 8am EST (this may change, but I will try my best to inform you guys of any updates or changes). The polls were previously live for 24 hrs until I tallied them up the next day, but herein lies the problem.


I noticed that some people missed the polls, and upon further reflection I realized that not everyone can access lald 7 days a week. So I figure why not extend the polls for 2 days?

It'll go something like this: Monday, poll 1 is live; Wednesday, poll 2 is live, poll 1 is tallied up; Friday poll 2 is tallied up.

I was also thinking, for Tuesday and Thursday, around 8am EST, I'd make a post linking to the previous day's poll, as a reminder. So all you have to do is search for the poll posts on lald.

Does this sound fair? Any thoughts or comments? Is this a long enough time frame? Please post a response below


Also, the polls have the tag 'polls' and the poll results 'poll results' for a quick lookup.

As always, diecast on.

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