Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Poll: How many Hawls a month do you average?

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It’s time for this weeks poll, and since its the beginning of a new month, this question is perfect, how many hawls do you average in a month?


For this question it’s very important to clarify. When I say average, I really mean ‘mode’, but not too many people would know that. Mode is the value that occurs most often, if in Feb you had 2 hawls, March 1 hawl, and April 2 hawls; 2 would be the mode.

Also, this doesn’t count how many cars you take home, this is counting each hawl as one trip. So if Monday I bought 1 car then Tuesday I bought 10 cars, that’s a total of 2 hawls.


Sorry for being so specific for this poll, but this is the endgame: we want to see what number of hawls are reoccurring. So let’s here your answers!

A reminder, this poll will be live for 48 hours.

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