Taking inspiration from vdubyajohn's post the other day, the gears in my head starting turning. So the poll question for the next 48 hours is this, how much is too much for a loose diecast? (Fyi: loose means not on a card or in a box, aka, literally loose)

In fact, this question is a valid one, because loose diecast, which tend to be sold by collectors, can be sold at whatever value the seller deems is appropriate. This doesn't mean it's a fair price, or perhaps it is, but we're looking for the price you refuse to pay over.

So what is the highest you will pay for a loose diecast, according to the _____ scale? (I picked some of the more popular scales)

1. 3" (HWs, MBX, etc)

2. 1/64 (JL, GL, etc)

3. 1/43

4. 1/24

5. 1/18

If you don't know, just put n/a.

A reminder, this poll will remain live for 48 hours, and will end on Friday, 8am EST.