Big things with little cars

It’s time for the poll results! Surprisingly, only 15 people responded.


It makes me wonder if I need to pre-screen some of these questions to make sure it’s easily accessible and relavent to everyone. Anyways..

Edit: still around ended up also meaning “wishing it was still available in your country".

Edu-petrolhead made this graph and has a pet T-Rex named “Captain FacePunch”.

Also, when he sent me this graph he called the graph, “saudade”, and explained why. I thought it was relevant.

Saudade is an untranslatable portuguese word which is perfect for this poll. Saudade is what you feel when you miss someone or something. For example, “Eu sinto saudades da época em que haviam MBXs à venda no Brasil” translates to “I miss the time when there were MBX to sell in Brazil”. But saudade is stronger than simple “miss” something. It’s a deep feeling, an emotional state.


Very true words, :).

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